Since 1987, Elite Auto Network has become the quintessential example of high quality service and satisfaction. Our team of highly dedicated professionals are here to assist with all aspects of purchasing or leasing a vehicle.

Our “Elite Auto Network” license plate has become synonymous with satisfied customers as we have completed over 10,000 vehicles sales ranging from celebrity driven exotics to energy efficient vehicles.


Our promise is to always provide our clients the best pricing without the hassle of having to negotiate against dealer sales tactics. We know the game and we know it well, which is why our clients trust us with repeat purchases and leases.


When visiting a dealership, you’re guaranteed to face biased opinions from sales persons trying to sell their particular brand. They go as far as criticizing vehicles made by other manufacturers. Although unpleasant,this is part of the course.

At Elite, we have access to all makes and models. From Ferraris to Hyundais, we provide you unbiased information and pricing on the vehicle of your choice.

Our knowledge of vehicles and understanding your lifestyle ensures a perfect match.

Providing Impeccable Service for Over 30 Years!

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