Elite Auto Network Corp is a licensed and bonded DMV dealer/broker by the State of California. We are privately owned as a certified WMBE business and reside in the County of Los Angeles in one location with 7 employees. Our 35 years of experience has allowed us to build a rich network of services for our fleet customers.

Elite Auto Network has a vast network of services to offer customers. In our experience every fleet has its own unique goals and no two are exactly alike.  Elite Auto Network has the ability to adapt to the changing demands of our customers and we are dedicated to supporting a comprehensive fleet management program so our customers can focus on their core business.  We understand that each fleet has unique goals and challenges that require unique solutions.

For this reason, we avoid generic recommendations. Instead, we take the time to learn all about your organizations size, objectives, history, risks, then create a custom program that delivers exactly what you need.

Vehicle Procurement (Purchase and Leasing Options), Fleet Maintenance, Fleet Disposal and Remarketing, Vehicle Upfitting, Fuel Card Management, Fleet Registration Services/DMV Services, car rental services. The utilization of these programs are designed to achieve Fleet Optimization, Driver Productivity, reduce costs, Reduce Risks and Increase Safety.

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Our core services include:

Vehicle Procurement

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Disposal

Vehicle Upfitting

Fuel Card Management

Registration Services

Elite Auto Network

8383 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 215
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Phone: 310-289-8997
Fax: 310-289-8994
EMail: [email protected]


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